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Acoustic and Technical Solutions for Every Room

AUDIENS Acoustics/Design

Expertise and Experience

Audiens Norway are experts in assessing, adapting and upgrading a room’s acoustic qualities, from simple adjustments that improve the clarity of the spoken word, to solutions that adapt a room to a range of event needs.


The acoustics of every room are influenced by both dynamic and fixed elements. We analyze your space’s unique acoustic challenges to arrive at the best solution for your users,
your audience, and anyone who uses the room.
For some, this might include active solutions, such as a reverberation system to allow for variable acoustics in your room.
For others, passive adjustments
may provide optimal room acoustics.

“Throughout Norway, there are attempts to adapt multi-use venues to all types of users. The result is multi-purpose halls that don’t excel at fitting any users. A well-adjusted reverberation system is the only solution to ensure clear acoustics.”


In acoustics, the “one big secret” doesn’t exist. There are thousands.

Prof. Karlheinz Müller, Proprietor of Müller-BBM, world-wide renowned acoustic specialist

Our Acoustic Consultant

“All rooms have basic acoustic properties. Simple adjustments, such as wall panels, can adapt the room’s acoustics to a user’s needs. Active solutions, such as a reverberation system, make it possible to offer flexible and high-quality acoustics that can adapt a space for everything from lectures to band exercises to rock concerts.”

– Jo Wang

Our Work

Our installations can be found in a variety of rooms and venues

Halls with

reverberation installations


Rommen Scene

Storstua, Lørenskog

Stapi, Keflavik


Dancetheater, Amsterdam

Churches with

reverberation installations

Farnes kirke

Other rooms

with combined solutions

Tilt Torggata Bad


Visit our SoundLab in Skedsmokorset
for an in-person demonstration of how we can improve a room’s acoustics. Learn more.

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